From very early on, outreaching to members of the community and to local schools has been a trademark of the Brooklin Garden Club and it continues to be our focus.

In 2022, the Brooklin Garden Club received a generous grant which allowed us to connect with Healthy Peninsula in Blue Hill. With meals Healthy Peninsula regularly delivers to needy residents on the Peninsula, they now also include a small bouquet for them to enjoy.

For years, our Outreach Committee maintained an extremely valuable program: the Garden Therapy program at the Penobscot Nursing Home and the Island Nursing Home on Deer Isle. Members spent time with the residents and did flower arrangements and small garden projects. It was a program both, the residents and our members were looking forward to every month, and our members truly enjoyed.

While the Penobscot Nursing Home had closed many years ago, the Island Nursing Home was forced to shut its doors during the pandemic.

When the group arrived at the Nursing Home on September 21, 2021, this is what Nathalie Moses told us happened:

With the nursing home now closed, the club immediately began a new project, called "Flower & Cards for Neighbors" in conjunction with the Healthy Peninsula's distribution of food to homebound individuals on the Blue Hill Peninsula and Deer Isles. 
Four times during the summer months, members gathered and created 80 arrangements to be delivered by the Simmering Pot drivers. The flowers came from member gardens. Twice during the winter month a small potted plant is delivered, other times a card. This project will be extended in 2023 to include additional recipients. 
If you are interested in helping with this project of the Outreach Committee, contact Cathy Thompson click here
Many years ago the Brooklin Garden Club has started a nice tradition, bringing a wreath to the town halls of each of our towns of the Peninsula, and now also to Deer Isle and to Stonington where more and more of our members have their domicile.