2013 Art in Bloom

Friday & Saturday, July 26th & 27th, 10AM - 4PM

Thursday, July 25th, 5-7PM: Artist Preview Reception

History:   The Brooklin Garden Club, founded in 1935, "supports educational projects across the Peninsula, sharing gardening information with its members, community members, and students from local elementary schools."
Its 91 members come from Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Deer Isle, Penobscot and Sedgwick.
The Brooklin Garden Club provides scholarships to college students pursuing degrees in Agriculture, Horticulture, Environmental Studies, or Forest Management. We also provide grants to schools in Brooklin, Brooksville and Sedgwick, to support school projects in gardening and agriculture. Members of the Brooklin Garden Club also are actively involved in working with the residents at the Penobscot Nursing Home. At the Island Nursing Home they established and maintain a garden with raised beds, allowing residents to participate in the gardening activities, important for their mental and physical well being.
To raise funds for its activities and programs, the Brooklin Garden Club sponsors and presents this show. The 2013 "Art In Bloom" Show raised more than $10,000 from art sales, donations, sponsorships and ticket sales. 

The 2013 Show:  This year's show includes paintings, water colors, pastels and sculptures by Leslie Anderson, Brian Banks,  Mary Barnes,  Mark Bell, Louise Bourne, Barbara Brady,  Lydia Cassatt,  Avy Claire,  Tom Curry,  Jill Finsen,  Anina Fuller, Don Hartley, Dottie Hayes,  Jill Hoy,  William Irvine,  Wendy Jagger,  Frederica Marshall,  Bob Marville,  Rosie Moore,  Gail Page,  Rebekah Raye,  Jerry Rose,  Sherry Streeter,  Marcia Stemlau,  Cynthia Stroud,  Gudrun Tarr,  Joyce Wenglowski,  Pat Wheeler,  John Wilkinson, and  Cynthia Winings.

The flower arrangers, all Peninsula residents, represent both the Brooklin and the Blue Hill Garden Clubs. Each designer brings expertise, a strong artistic sense, and a passion for flowers. Vsitors to museums in Boston and other metrapolitan areas will be familiar with this unique combination of wonderful paintings and beautiful, interpretive flower arrangements.

All of the art works are for sale.






Images from 2013 Art in Bloom

An impression from our 2013 event in Blue Hill

Artist Jill Hoy, Arranger Chris Brown

Welcome to the Preview Reception