The Island Nursing Home in Deer Isle
benefits from Brooklin Garden Club Grants

Brooklin Garden Club Accepting Community Outreach Grant Applications

Do you have an idea for a creative way to improve our community's outdoor environment, or perhaps a new plan to educate our residents in terms of conservation, gardening or the like?

The Brooklin Garden Club may have help for you.  The group is currently accepting grant applications from local nonprofit organizations including local community improvement groups, schools, libraries and other institutions.

Grants of up to $500 will be considered for projects involving gardening, agriculture, forestry, conservation and ecology which are accessible to residents of the Club's member town on the Blue Hill Peninsula.  Application will be judged on efforts to promote public education in these fields or to develop or improve outdoor areas open to the public.  For example, last year the Club provided money for projects such as composting and recycling at a local day camp; greenhouse supplies at several area schools, and vegetable seedlings for a local food pantry, to name a few.

Awards will be limited to on per organization and cannot be used for maintenance or endowment purposes.  All groups applying must submit 501c3 numbers signifying their nonprofit status.  Applications must be received no later than May 15th.

The Brooklin Garden Club, a 501c3 organization, raises money through contributions, bequests in honor of members past and present, art and floral exhibitions and garden and house tours.

For further information and for application forms call or email Peggy Hopkins, 359-5039

Brooklin Garden Club receives Feed-Back

The Brooklin Garden Club awarded a Grant to the Blue Hill Heritage Gardens, supporting their efforts to bring color to a number of public places in Blue Hill.

Val Libby sent us this picture on behalf of the organisation. It shows the Emerson Gardens near the Fire Station in Blue Hill.   Just gorgeous!

The Emerson Gardens hosts the granite sculpture by Hitoshi Tanaka (Japan)Window of the Sea Wind  Blue Hill acquired 2011 from the International Schoodic Grantie Scuplture Symposium (visible in the distance). More than a thousand visitors come to the site each year touring the Maine Sculpture Trail