ln the 90s, the Brooklin Garden Club established a Grant program open to all Elementary Schools on our Peninsula, to pay for seeds and plants, and/or maintenance, to improve existing gardens and green houses; Teachers might see a need for teaching material and School Librarians be looking for funds to add educational books on gardening, flowers, birds asnd water foul. Grants are also available to other groups and individuals that provide services consistent with the mission of the Brooklin Garden Club.

On when and how to apply for the 2023 cycle, ook up here

This has been extended over the years. This is a list of recipients:

    Native Gardens of Blue Hill

    Blue Hill Society for Aid to Children        (Nichols Day Camp)

    Brooklin Youth Corps

    Tree of Life Food Pantry

    Brooklin Elementary School

    Brooksville Elementary School

    Sedgwick Elementary School

    Deer Isle Stonington School

    University of Maine System, to provide scholarships for students in forestry and in horticulture.

Forms to apply for a 2023 Grant you find here

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Boardman by email.